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Welcome to BAS' Art News!

BAS is very honoured to be an Ambassador of The Animal Fund - TAF, based in Monaco (www.theanimalfund.net). Please visit The Animal Fund website for further information and support if able, thank you!

Nature in Art Museum

BAS is honoured to be "Artist in Residence" once again at the Nature in Art Museum http://www.natureinart.org.uk, Gloucester, England, this coming July 20th, 21st, and 22nd, 2018.

Come to meet BAS during his 3 day residency, Nature in Art is a wonderful Museum full of great works of art. There is also a very welcoming restaurant for visitors to enjoy during a visit. 

BAS hopes to meet you there in July, he will be painting during his residency and will have additional paintings for visitors to see. 


Bradley John Mitton (Club Vivanova): We sincerely thank BAS (The Art of BAS) for his kind donation of three large Fine Art Studio Limited Edition signed prints to our 2018 Prince Albert Foundation Luxury Lifestyle Gourmet Gala Charity Auction valued at over €3000 especially in aid of TAF The Animal Fund, Monaco.  

These exclusive prints include "Waveriders", "Morning Has Broken" and "Treading on Thin Ice".

Don't miss this sensational gala on Saturday 10th March 2018 at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, book now at www.clubvivanova-luxurygala.com

Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco

Saturday 10th March 2018


Salle d'Or Ballroom . Fairmont Monte Carlo

For the benefit of the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco, Chances for Children & TAF The Animal Fund

The gala auction catalogue is listed at https://issuu.com/bradley.mitton/docs/luxury-gala-2018.


The Art of BAS is delighted to be working with Oak Furniture Land who are displaying Framed Limited Edition Paper Prints of BAS' artwork within their numerous showrooms http://www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk/page/art-of-bas.html.

Please visit Oak Furniture Land's website at www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk to find your nearest showroom. There are wonderful prize draws to be entered into with every purchase of a Framed Limited Edition Paper Print of BAS's artwork.

BAS will also be donating funds to the Tsavo Trust to benefit their crucial elephant conservation work. Each Framed Limited Edition Print sold, or obtained for free through Oak Furniture Land's give away promotion, will help to raise significant funds for this very important cause.  


Columbus Direct recently interviewed BAS, here's the interview: http://www.columbusdirect.com/content/when-travel-meets-art-wildlife-artist-bas-evans-shows-how-jetsetting-has-shaped-his-work/

BAS was privileged to be in the company of the Tsavo Trust Research Team and the Kenya Wildlife Services during a 3 week visit to Tsavo National Park, Kenya. View The Art of BAS Conservation Projects for further information.


Paintings in Progress!

We have recently added a new section to The Art of BAS website entitled "Paintings in Progress", seen here under the Art News area of the Menu. This section was prompted some time ago by a visitor to the website, Justin kindly left a note to encourage us to include a "Paintings in Progress" page that can show some of the paintings that BAS has on his easel at any given time. If there are any questions that visitors may have about BAS' paintings or painting technique then BAS will be delighted to reveal whatever may be of benefit to the enquirer.

Once the paintings within the "Paintings in Progress" section are completed they will be included in the "Original Paintings" section of the website, and possibly within "Fine Art Canvas Limited Editions" also. It is to be noted that most of the images seen on the "Paintings in Progress" page are details of the paintings rather than the full content of the painting.

Art Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

BAS has once again taking part in ‘Wildlife Fine Art Exhibition' held by the Japan Wildlife Center (JWC), at Machida, Tokyo. Several of BAS' artworks were exhibited and the exhibition will built on the success of those held in the past years. JWC is a non-profit animal conservation organization in Tokyo Japan, and have been working to support various animal conservation projects around the world. JWC started in Japan in 1990 and now have taken a step forward to establish a branch in Kenya in 2007.

"The objective of this fine art exhibition we are holding, is to communicate the importance of wildlife conservation through beautiful fine art that express the magnificence of nature and wildlife vividly and beautifully." JWC

The 'Wildlife Fine Art Exhibition' of the Japan Wildlife Center is a very successful venture, raising funds for conservation through the sale of the artwork. The Art of BAS also hopes for continued positive progress for all the important JWC conservation work around the world.

Art News

polar bear,polar bear painting,wildlife art,BAS,art of bas,svarlbad,norway

Land of the Polar Bear

One of BAS' most recent research trips took him to Svarlbad, a Norwegian territory within the Arctic Circle. This is a relatively pristine location and one of the few places in the world where Polar Bears can be studied in their natural habitat. Two Polar Bear paintings have already resulted from BAS' trip, "Treading on Thin Ice" and "Polar Encounter", there are more to follow.

The research trip was very inspirational and will provide great painting opportunities ahead, some paintings will require large canvases so as to capture the grandeur of the landscape/icescape of Svarlbad, together with the impressive Polar Bear. Other paintings will include fellow inhabitants of the polar bear, inparticular the remarkable walrus, a creature of size and significance within the region. One encounter with walrus' led to the puncure of one of the expedition's zodiac boats by an inquisitive walrus - one strike with it's formidable tusks penetrated the boats hull with an extremely loud bang - rather the boat than any other unsuspecting adventurer!

Wildlife Art Paintings

Detail of BAS' painting "Treading on Thin Ice", depicting a polar bear at home on the ice, albeit thin ice! 

Wildlife Art Paintings

If you want to purchase a BAS Original Painting or request a Commision then please just make an order or enquiry through an email or call the The Art of BAS   through the contact details on the website, we will then contact you to process your order or answer your enquiry. To purchase a Fine Art Canvas Limited Editions  simply go through the Buy Option underneath the chosen Limited Edition and complete the secure online purchase details.

View the special article entitled "A New Way of Seeing" about The Art of BAS in the January/February 2005 issue of Wildlife Art magazine, published in the USA. This magazine is the world's foremost publication of Wildlife Art.

( www.wildlifeartmag.com )

The Artists For Conservation Foundation Worldwide ( formerly WNAG) honours BAS for "artistic excellence and extraordinary support of conservation" through nature art & wildlife art. (February 2005)

You are welcome to contact The Art of BAS for whatever reason but please also view the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of the website which is found at the bottom of each page alongside Links and other points of information.

Rhino Re-location:

A very pleasurable experience in South Africa came when BAS and friends assisted in the relocation of two male white rhino's who were in danger of being killed by a dominant male in the area. The rhino's were first tracked down by helicopter, the vet on board then shot tranquilizer darts to immobilize the rhino's enough to enable them to be guided into a reinforced trailer. They were both happily relocated nearby and it was a successful operation for all concerned.

Art News

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It certainly is a privilege to be so close to such a magnificent creature. Despite the relentless poaching and loss of habitat which both black and white rhino's face, it is hoped that these wonderful animals will rightly prosper in the years ahead.

Art News

BAS was pleased to be take part in the MIWAS Exhibition. The exhibition was held at Rookesbury Manor, Wickham, Hampshire, and it's the largest wildlife art exhibition in Europe. It was a pleasure for BAS to meet the viewing public at the exhibition, to see many excellent works of art, and meet the other artists involved in the exhibition.

It was an honour for BAS to be awarded the Best Painting for non-British subjects, his giraffe painting "Thirst Quencher" received this award from the panel of judges.

Over the years BAS has been "Artist in Residence" at Nature in Art, Wallsworth Hall, Gloucester, painting within the prestigious museum and meeting the many visitors. Please visit the museum and view the outstanding exhibit within the main building, it's a wonderfully interesting and informative place to visit with lovely grounds to stroll around and good food within the restaurant.


End of an Era - Echo Passes away in Amboseli.

Recent news from Amboseli gave the sad report of the departure of the National Parks most famous elephant - Echo. She was the matriarch of a large herd and well known around the world following several documentaries about her reign over the herd. The staff of Amboseli Trust for Elephants were devastated at the loss of their treasured Echo but grateful for a wonderful legacy left by this queen of the African savannah.

On a personal note I too was saddened to hear of the loss of Echo and remember well the times spent with her during my research in Amboseli. She certainly had a graceful countenance and in her eminence she possessed a vast depth of experience gained by leading the herd for over sixty years. Her family had grown from a handfull at the outset to over fifty at her parting, all members doting on her and depending on her leadership. Now they are left without a matriarch and have scattered somewhat, no doubt a symbol of their reliance and love for a remarkably endearing elephant named Echo.

BBC2 screened a six part series about Alladale Wilderness Lodge & Reserve entitled "The Real Monarch of the Glen", the location visited by BAS to research for his " Monarch of Glen Alladale " painting . BAS' painting from Alladale is now available as a Fine Art Canvas Limited Edition which is being sold to raise funds in support of the conservation work pioneered at Alladale. The BBC2 documentary "Moose in the Glen" was televised earlier in the year, the program was part of the BBC's Natural World series. The 50 minute film detailed the vision for Alladale, and includes some magnificent footage not only around the Reserve but also on location in Sweden, South Africa, Argentina and United States.(www.alladale.com)

The Art of BAS  Echo Project   highlights the invaluable research work of The Elephant Trust (Amboseli Trust for Elephants). The research is led by Cynthia Moss, the worlds foremost expert on elephants, and the research team are based in Amboseli National Park, Kenya. Echo is the name of the matriarch of one of Amboseli's elephant herds, she's a distinguished lady with several BBC documentaries to her name! BAS spent some time with the researchers in the field and the resulting painting "Echo of Amboseli", together with Fine Art Canvas Limited Editions , are being sold to raise funds for the vital work of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants. (www.elephanttrust.org)

Art News

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Qatar Conservation,Al Wabra,Arabian Oryx,Rheem Gazelle,Art of BAS,conservation

Dr. Sven Hammer, BAS, Dr. Amrita Deb, Ms. Catrin Hammer (left to right) holding Limited Edition reproductions of "Rheem Gazelle of Zikrit" and "Emblem of Qatar".

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The Art of BAS is working with Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, Qatar, with the aim of aiding the conservation of endangered species. View two paintings in the Fine Art Canvas Limited Edition section which resulted from a research trip that BAS undertook at Al Wabra. These two paintings are published as Fine Art Canvas Limited Editions, from which the proceeds will help support the remarkable preservation work undertaken at Al Wabra.

Art News


Highland Cattle in the Glen of Alladale, a beautiful region of the Scottish Highlands. The BBC screened a six part series about the Wilderness Reserve.

Art News

wildlife art,wildlife artists,bas,art of bas,bas-art,wildlife artist,wildlife,art,scotland, bbc,alladale wildlerness reserve,alladale,scottish highlands,highland cattle,glen alladale

BAS is a regular "Artist in Residence" at Nature in Art, Wallsworth Hall, Gloucester, painting within the prestigious museum and meeting the many visitors. Please visit the museum and view the outstanding exhibit within the main building, it's a wonderfully interesting and informative place to visit with lovely grounds to stroll around and good food within the restaurant. If you are interested in attending an art course run by BAS then just contact us to let us know of your interest.(www.nature-in-art.org.uk)

Art News

wildlife art,bas,art of bas,bas-art,wildlife,art,One night with the King,oil painting,Tommy Tenney,Omar Shariff,Peter O'Toole,Tom Tiny Lister,John Rhys-Davies,John Noble,Luke Goss,Tiffany Dupont,Esther,King Xerxes,the arrow project,movie,cinema

"One night with the King", Oil Painting on Linen, 32" x 52"

Art News


The epic motion picture "One night with the King" was shown in movie theatres across the USA and is now available on DVD, produced from the writings of Tommy Tenney. This inspirational movie depicts the story of Esther and King Xerxes, historically accurate and dramatic in portrayal. The movie stars Luke Goss and Tiffany Dupont in the lead roles, together with Peter O'Toole, Omar Shariff, Tom "Tiny" Lister, John Rhys-Davies, and John Noble. BAS' painting of Esther is now hanging within The Arrow Project (www.arrow.org) in Texas, USA, supporting the wonderful work of that organisation as they place children within loving foster homes. 

Art News

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