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Welcome to BAS' Art Wildlife Adventures & Travels, share the artists' experiences gained from research trips to wonderful wilderness areas around the world.

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Indian Expedition
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An American Experience
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African Adventures
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Indonesian Odyssey
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Homeland Reflections
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Namibian Safari
wildlife adventures,wildlife adventure,wildlife,bas,bas art,art,namibia,etosha national park,african wildlife,
Tropical Trinidad
wildlife adventures,wildlife adventure,wildlife,bas,bas art,art,caroni swamp,trinidad,
Canadian Grandeur
wildlife adventures,wildlife adventure,wildlife,bas,bas art,art,canadian rockies,canada,banff national park,jasper national park

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Enjoy the wildlife adventures that BAS experiences during his many research trips into the wilderness areas of the world. These research trips undertaken by BAS are crucial to his artwork, providing much inspiration for future paintings. Insight into the plight of many species is gained by the artist during these wildlife adventures as he studies their behavior and explores their natural habitat. If you have any points of interest or comments then please contact BAS through the Contact Information on the website, he`d appreciate all such positive interaction.

Wildlife Adventures

Wildlife nature fine art

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The Wildlife Adventures section of the website comprises of writings and images based on BAS' research trips around the globe. If you have any questions about the artists wilderness experiences then please contact BAS , there is much more gained from such wildlife adventures than can be expressed on these pages. Here you will learn of his wildlife encounters and the impressions that the varied locations made on the artist as he sought inspiration for his wildlife and nature art . More locations will be added to this section as BAS continues his passion for being immersed amongst the natural wonders of the world.


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