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Thirst for Life
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Trust in Above
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Riverhorse Dawn
canvas prints,art prints,Hippo Painting by wildlife artist BAS,Fine Art Print on Canvas,oil painting
Feather and Form
canvas prints,art prints,Feather and Form Oil Painting of Mallard Duck by wildlife artist BAS,Fine Art Print on Canvas,oil painting
Seascape Scenario
canvas prints,art print,Seascape,bird painting,Florida,USA,oil painting,limited edition,fine art,artist proof
Snowy in Still Waters
Canvas Print,bird art,bird painting,egret,oil painting,Limited Edition,Art of BAS
canvas prints,art print,Zebra Painting by wildlife artist BAS,Fine Art Print on canvas, oil painting
Ever Watchful
wolf painting,wolf oil painting,wolf print,wolf fine art print,wolf giclee,wolf limited edition print,bas,art of bas,wildlife art
Hot Hazy Days
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Breaking Cover
Tiger Patrol
Tiger painting,tiger print,art print,giclee canvas print,giclee,bengal tiger,bandhavgarh national park,india,bas,bas art,limited edition,artist proof
Monarch of the Aberdares
black rhino painting,black rhino art print,black rhino giclee,wildlife art print,limited edition,bas,bas art,wildlife painting
Treading on Thin Ice
polar bear painting,polar bear art print,canvas print,bas,art of bas,arctic
Dusk Patrol
lion painting,lion art print,wildlife painting,wildlife art print,giclee,bas,bas art,etosha national park,namibia
Gathering at the Waterhole
canvas prints,art print,elephant,art print,etosha national park,namibia,fine art,elephant herd,waterhole
The Emperor
canvas prints,art prints,Tropical Fish Painting by wildlife artist BAS,Fine Art Print on Canvas,oil painting,Van Goch
cheetah art print,cheetah print,cheetah canvas print,art of bas,bas,ngorongoro crater,tanzania
Frosty Morning
buffalo painting,bison painting,buffalo oil painting,bison oil painting,art of bas,BAS,wildlife painting,wildlife art,wildlife artist,yellowstone national park
Sulawesi Seawolves
killer whale print,orca print,limited edition,whale print,art of BAS
Halcyon of the Mara
kingfisher painting,kingfisher oil painting,bird painting,canvas limited edition,art of bas,BAS,wildlife art,wildlife painting
The Thirsty Soul
canvas prints,art prints,canvas prints of wildlife art,Whitetail Deer Painting by wildlife artist BAS - Fine Art Print on Canvas
Cheetah Watch
canvas prints,art printsCheetah,big cat, africa, oil painting,wildlife artist BAS,masai mara,kenya
Rainforest Regent
canvas prints,art print,tiger print,Tiger Painting by wildlife artist BAS,Fine Art Print on Canvas,Best of Wildlife Art
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Echo of Amboseli
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Crowned Formation
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The Crossing
bison,yellowstone,art print,canvas print,limited edition,crossing,fine art
Upward Glance
lion painting,lion oil painting,wildlife art,masai mara,art of bas,BAS
Okovango Odyssey
elephant painting,elephant oil painting,wildlife art,wildlife painting,art of bas,BAS
Ocean Moment
whale painting,killer whale painting,orca painting,whale oil painting,killer whale oil painting,art of bas,orca,BAS
Two Brothers
canvas prints,art prints,Tiger Painting from Universal Studios Pathe Movie called Two Brothers,The Art of BAS Tiger Project,oil painting
Playing Catchup
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rhino painting,rhino oil painting,black rhino painting,black rhino oil painting,art of bas,BAS,wildlife painting
Flamingo Formation
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Promise of India
canvas prints,art print,tiger painting,Limited Edition Fine Art Print of Bengal Tiger in India - The Art of BAS Tiger Project,Universal Studios Pathe Movie
Thirst Quencher
giraffe painting,giraffe oil painting,wildlife art,wildlife painting,art of bas,BAS
canvas prints,artprints,Bird Painting by wildlife artist BAS,Fine Art Print on Canvas,oil painting
Surface Attraction
Canvas Print,bird art,bird painting,national art museum,egret,oil painting,Limited Edition,Art of BAS,Indonesia
Evening Sortie
eagle painting,bird painting,eagle oil painting,bird oil painting,art of bas,BAS,wildlife painting
Monarch of the Mara
big cat print,leopard print,big cat art print,big cat giclee print, Art of BAS,Masai Mara
Vantage Point
lion painting,lion oil painting,wildlife art,wildlife painting,art of bas,BAS
giraffe painting,giraffe oil painting,canvas print,bas,art of bas,giclee,fine art print
dolphin painting,dolphin oil painting,waveriders,wildlife painting,art of bas,BAS,wildlife art
Evening through the Margin
lion painting,lion oil painting,BAS,art of bas,canvas print,limited edition,wildlife painting,art print,artist proof,okovango delta,botswana
Lanai Backdrop
whale painting,humpback whale painting,whale oil painting,humpback whale oil painting,art of bas,BAS,wildlife art,wildlife artist
Noble Eagle
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Sunlit Sojourn
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Arabian King
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Arabian Gazelle
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Butterfly Formation
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cougar painting,mountain lion painting,couger oil painting,mountain lion oil painting,BAS,art of bas,wildlife painting,wildlife art
Regal Elegance
canvas print,giclee print,bird painting,oil painting,limited edition,Art of BAS
Balinese Symphony
bird art print, bird painting, bali bird art ,canvas prints,art prints,canvas prints of wildlife art,Balinese Symphony Oil Painting of Wildlife Artist BAS - Jalak Bali Starling Limited Edition Art Print - Monet
Winter Retreat
grizzly bear art print, grizzly bear painting,mother and cubs grizzly bear,canvas prints,art prints,canvas prints of wildlife art,Grizzly bear,bear art print,art print,wildlife art, wildlife art print,Denali National Park,Alaska,limited edition,artist proof,fine art print
tropical fish painting,tropical fish oil painting,art of bas,BAS,wildlife art,wildlife painting
Sumatran Sovereignty
tiger print,art print,canvas print,sumatran tiger,limited edition
Polar Encounter
polar bear painting,polar bear oil painting,polar,north pole,wildlife art,wildlife painting,art of bas,BAS,arctic circle
Monarch of Glen Alladale
red deer stag painting, red deer art print, Glen Alladale Scotland, canvas prints,art prints,canvas prints of wildlife art,Alladale Wilderness Lodge and Reserve, Glen Alladale, BBC 2, Monarch of the Glen, red deer stag, Scottish Highlands, oil painting
Anointed Rogue
elephant painting,elephant oil painting,art of bas,BAS,wildlife art paintings,limited edition,artist proof,canvas print
Golden Silhouette
bird painting,bird art pring,bird print,BAS,art of bas,wildlife art,wildlife painting,bird oil painting,canvas print,limited edition
High Plains Drifter
wolf painting,wolf canvas limited edition,wolf wildlife painting,wolf oil painting,art of bas,BAS
Jalak Bali Jewels
jalak bali starling painting,jalak bali starling oil painting,art of bas,BAS,bali,bird painting,wildlife art paintings
Morning has Broken
dolphin painting,dolphin art print,canvas print,BAS,art of bas,limited edition,artist proof,bali,indonesia
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We provide FREE Shipment of your order, please browse the store and place an order. Select a Limited Edition or Artist Proof of your chosen Fine Art reproductions, then proceed to the secure Checkout process. We thank you for your custom, if you have any queries please contact us and we will happily assist you, with thanks from The Art of BAS.

The Art of BAS Fine Art Canvas Limited Editions

There is a selection of the highly collectible fine art reproductions on canvas available from The Art of BAS, please enquire if you would like to see other paintings produced as Limited Edition reproductions. We are always seeking to satisfy the demands of our clients and intend to continue creating new works of art that bring the excellence of BAS' artistic vision into your home or office.

We use an SSL secure online ordering system, so you can shop at The Art of BAS in the knowledge that your credit card details are totally secure. The Art of BAS credit card transactions are made through PayPal Pro which is recognized as being at the fore of internet security, verifying credit card details and encrypting the secure terminal to the highest degree. Our credit and debit card transactions are 100% secure and conducted by PayPal Pro secure SSL server, information is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 128 bits (the highest level commercially available). Any information you submit is encrypted and totally safe. We also enjoy a healthy relationship with our clients and foster mutual communication to ensure full satisfaction of service.

Fine Art Canvas Prints

Wildlife nature fine art

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The Fine Art Canvas Limited Editions section of the website exhibits the collection of BAS' artwork that have been published in print form. Please see the FAQ section of the website for further insight into the Giclee Reproduction method which is used for the canvas art print series. The method of printing provides the highest professional standard of Fine Art Reproduction. All Limited Editions are signed and numbered by the artist as collectible works of art in their own right. A Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each Limited Edition purchased.

BAS is continually creating paintings and we will produce further Fine Art prints on canvas with New Releases periodically being displayed here on the website. Although popular subject matter such as elephants, dolphins, tigers and other big cats are often requested we will also continue to produce bird painting reproductions and various other subjects in print. The Art of BAS is exhibited within both the Wildlife Art and Contemporary Art worlds, we therefore hope that a broad cross-section of the artist's work will satisfy the art connoisseur.

Various quotes about BAS' artwork from other artists, art critics and individuals within the world of Contemporary Art are found within these pages. Also there are quotes from famous authors and people from times past until present day, such as: William Shakespeare; Vincent Van Goch; Picasso; Dante; William Blake; Karen Blixen; Tennyson; John Muir; Albert Einstein; William Wordsworth; George Washington Carver; and biblical writers amongst others.

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