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BAS considers it an important aspect of his work to be able to support various wildlife conservation and environmental concerns. This is done primarily through the use of his artwork with revenue from donated artworks directly benefiting related Conservation programs. Such organizations that The Art of BAS has assisted include: The Rainforest Foundation; Wildlife and Conservation Society; EIA, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund; ATE; Tiger Patrol; Africat; Alladale; and The Animal Fund, amongst others. Please view the related artwork being sold in aid of conservation work.

The Artists for Conservation Foundation Worldwide honoured BAS for "artistic excellence and extraordinary support of conservation" through his wildlife art.

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BAS with the Tsavo Trust Field Research Team, Kenya.

The Art of BAS is pleased to announce the Satao Elephant Conservation Project which involves producing Original Oil Paintings and related Fine Art Canvas Limited Edition Prints in support of the Tsavo Trust (www.tsavotrust.org) and their invaluable elephant conservation work in Kenya. 35,000 of Africa's elephants were killed for the ivory last year, the tragic slaughter being the despicable act of the illegal ivory trade. Thankfully there are wonderful people and organisations working tirelessly to protect and conserve elephants, Tsavo Trust are at the fore of such crucial efforts. 

The initial stages of the Elephant Conservation Project entailed BAS making a research trip to Kenya in February, 2015. He was  accompanied by Richard Moller, Tsavo Trust Chief Conservation Officer, and honorary Warden of Kenya Wildlife Services.

Further details of the Elephant Conservation Project will follow. The progress of each Elephant Conservation Project painting will be placed on this website and the resulting Fine Art Canvas Limited Edition Prints will be made available for purchase in aid of Tsavo Trust. 

We are very excited about the Satao Elephant Conservation Project and especially with the aim of helping the precious endangered elephants of Africa. 

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Indian Bengal Tiger Conservation Project

The Art of BAS will soon launch a new conservation initiative in aid of India's iconic Bengal Tiger. We are going to raise funds through the sale of related artwork in support of Tiger Conservation and the invaluable work being done in conserving India's Bengal Tiger.

The painting "Thirst for Life" will front this conservation project and epitomises the Bengal Tigers quest for life. May we all do whatever we can to assist this magnificent animal, a true icon of India, to ensure a secure and prosperous future for the Bengal Tiger of India.

Wildlife Conservation Art  

Please view the related artwork being sold in aid of conservation work, this artwork is primarily within the Fine Art Canvas Limited Edition section of this website.

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This page is dedicated to the Conservation work that The The Art of BAS is directly involved with, including: Elephant Trust - Amboseli Trust for Elephants, Kenya; Alladale Wilderness Lodge and Reserve, Scotland; Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, Qatar; The Art of BAS Tiger Project, India. We encourage you to participate in these Conservation Projects whatever way you are able to. Your support towards these worthy causes is much appreciated and will be of much benefit to the specific concerns of the wildlife and nature of our shared world. Please view the Fine Art Canvas Limited Editions   to see the relevant artwork related to the above.

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