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Flamingo Formation
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Monarch of the Mara
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Snowy in Still Waters
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zebra painting,canvas print,zebra oil painting,BAS.art of bas,limited edition,art print,artist proof
Butterfly Formation
tropical fish painting,tropical fish oil painting,art of bas,BAS,canvas print,art print,limited edition,artist proof

To Purchase a Fine Art Canvas Limited Edition please go to the Fine Art Canvas Limited Editions  section within the Gallery. 

Flamingo Formation is now released as a Fine Art Canvas Limited Editions .

Monarch of the Mara is now released as a Fine Art Canvas Limited Editions .

Snowy in Still Waters is now released as a Fine Art Canvas Limited Editions . 

Butterfly Formation is now released as a Fine Art Canvas Limited Edition. 

We provide FREE Shipment of your order, please browse the store and place an order with your preferred currency (£/$/Euro). Select a Limited Edition or Artist Proof of your chosen Fine Art print/s, then proceed to the secure Checkout process. We thank you for your custom, if you have any queries please contact us and we will happily assist you, with thanks from The Art of BAS.

There is a selection of the finest collectible artworks available from The Art of BAS, please enquire if you would like to see other paintings produced as Limited Edition reproductions. We are always seeking to satisfy the demands of our clients and intend to continue creating new works of art that bring the excellence of BAS' artistic vision into your home or office.

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