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Welcome to the Wildlife Art of BAS

BAS is one of the worlds most highly acclaimed Wildlife and Nature artists. The Art of BAS is unique and receives world-wide recognition from museums, galleries, Royalty, Governments, art critics, corporate and private collectors alike.

An innate sense of design and composition, emphasizing light and colour, is utilized to create an original oil painting. Inspiration is gained through extensive adventures in wilderness areas around the globe, the artist then captures the wonder and beauty of creation on canvas. His paintings have exhibited around the world, including alongside the works of Rembrandt in Bond Street, London, and with the French Hyper-realist Painters, Paris, USA, Japan, Qatar, Singapore, and Indonesia. BAS' artwork was associated with the Universal/Pathe tiger movie "Two Brothers", and his paintings are included in three books entitled "Best of Wildlife Art", published in the USA.

The Art of BAS has been privileged to benefit Charitable Foundations and BAS hopes that his artwork can be used to further promote environmental concerns.
The Artists For Conservation Foundation Worldwide honoured BAS for "artistic excellence and extraordinary support of conservation" through wildlife art.

The Art of BAS is delighted to be working with Oak Furniture Land who are displaying Framed Limited Edition Paper Prints of BAS' artwork within their numerous showrooms. Please follow this link for further information http://www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk/page/art-of-bas.html.

Visit Oak Furniture Land's website www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk to find your nearest showroom. 

BAS is very honoured to be an Ambassador of The Animal Fund - TAF, based in Monaco ( www.theanimalfund.net ). 

Wildlife Art is a particular genre within the art world, due to BAS' contemporary style he has also been able to cross over into the Contemporary Art genre with much approval. It is the artist's pleasure to share his unique vision with others through The Art of BAS, we welcome you!

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Learn more about the artist through BAS Biography within the Artist section of the website. Here you can understand aspects of his artistic technique and vision which enable BAS to exhibit his artwork amongst Wildlife Art shows and Contemporary Art exhibitions. The Adventures section gives you further insight into the overall creative process which he undertakes in achieving his artwork. The artist's research trips around the natural world, studying diverse wildlife in their natural environment, are essential to gain inspiration and understanding. From spending close up and personal time with species such as the big cats, elephants, whales and dolphins, other North American and African wildlife in particular, BAS is able to experience these wildlife encounters and as a result interpret them in a very personal way.

The Gallery section displays various images of BAS' realistic Wildlife Art Paintings ranging from Original Oil Paintings and   Canvas Editions  . These Editions are Fine Art Reproductions of his paintings and are highly collectible Limited Editions signed and numbered by the artist. Art collectors from around the world appreciate BAS' Original oil paintings, gallery and museum collections also include his artwork. The Fine Art Limited Editions are also prized by art collectors and also exhibit well within interior design and corporate settings alike.

BAS'Art News will be periodically updated to inform viewers of developments, paintings presently being worked on together with news of related art projects will be the main emphasis of this section. The Conservation Projects that the artist is involved with are usually related to endangered species and he works closely with various NGO's and Private bodies in order to benefit worthy concerns. Opportunity to communicate with BAS is provided through a variety of avenues: Contact Info ; Guestbook ; Artist Diary ; Artist Journal ; and receiving of The Art of BAS Newsletter. Any means of such communication is much appreciated by BAS and he hopes that he and his artwork will continue to encourage and edify viewers from all over the world. Enjoy this adventurous journey of wildlife art and the wonders of the natural world with The Art of BAS.


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